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Huey (Donalds nephew) Quack Pack. Original Hand Drawn Animation Pencil drawing used in production. Disney Donald Duck:"Quack Pack" 1996 signed by Romy Garcia 'Quack Pack' (television) television series featuring Donald Duck and his nephews. An original drawings that was used in the series. complimentory dark card with a white frame. 20x30cm

(12"x8") Print Size:  12- field animation paper.

Frame: 14x11in

Height: 31cm

Width: 38.5cm

Depth: 3cm

Weight: 0.92kgFrame Type:


Quack Pack. Angry Huey. Walt Disney TV. 1996

  • The show debuted on September 3, 1996, as a part of the Disney-afternoon following the success of 'Goof Troop'. The series ran for 39 episodes. Donald Duck is a cameraman chasing after compelling stories for a TV entertainment news show, 'What in the World'. Romy Garcia has a wealth of experience gained working for Disneytoons, Australia. Credits include The New Yogi Bear Show , 'The Pirates of Dark Water', 'Hercules' and 'Aladdin' (TV Series)



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