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Original hand-painted animation Production cel and background from 'The Pink Panther' TV series. The Pink Panther was an American animated TV series (1993-1995)starring the Pink Panther and his co-stars from the original cartoon series were a co-production of MGM Animation, Mirisch, Geoffrey DePatie-Freling and United Artists.In 1992 MGM decided to produce the new cartoons with a twist; this is the only series where the Pink Panther and 'The Little Man speaklines! Prior to this series, the Panther had spoken only briefly in the cartoons of the 1960's.

The animation drawing is displayed on a  complimentory  white mount and framed in a smart black frame.  20x30cm

(12"x8") Print Size:  12- field animation paper.

Frame: 14x11in

Height: 31cm

Width: 38.5cm

Depth: 3cm

Weight: 0.92kgFrame Type:


Pink Panther 1993 . Original production cel and background. Framed.

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