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The children of Lir.  Print by Animator-Artist Brian Boylan.

Celtic swan design based on the Irish myth of the Children of Lir which tells of four children fated to spend 900 years as swans at the hands of a jealous stepmother.

Brian Boylan was born in Skerries, Co. Dublin, nearly right on top of Skerries Harbor. After two years at college, Brian got his first job in animation for Sullivan Bluth Studios in Balgriffin. From there he traveled to London and Australia working for Disney. He then settled in the U.S. working for the major studios; Disney, DreamWorks and Warner Bros. Animation.

The children of Lir. Print by Animator-Artist Brian Boylan

  • Ptinted on art paper. 48 x 33 cm. unframed.  Posted in cardboard. 

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