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The Simpsons recereate the iconic  Beatles 1969  'Abbey Road' album cover!

'The Simpsons', created by Matt Groening. Klasky Csupo produced and animated all 48 shorts (season 1-4), and when it became one of the most popular segments on the show, Fox began airing a weekly half-hour series entitled 'The Simpsons'. Klasky Csupo also conceived the idea of The Simpsons characters having yellow skin, and Marge Simpson having blue hair. Film Roman (founded by Phil Roman) continued the 20th Century Fox show 'The Simpsons', from season 4 to season 28.

  A fun piece of art to brighten any room. This is an A4 size print on a fine-silky-canvas. It has a complimentary matte and solid, stylish  frame. The frame can be black or white.

  • Print Size: 21c x 29cm       (8.3" x 11.7")
  • Frame specs: 
  • Width: 31cm
  • Height: 37cm
  • Depth: 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.92kg
  • Frame Type: Single

The Simpsons Abby road framed canvas Print

frame colour
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